My dog ate the fairies.

Today has been a real challenge starting with a painting I had sent last week to a friend and this morning delivered back to me marked insufficient postage. So down to the post office to resend my package. Oh and it was only 90 cents shy. Job finished and package back on the road. Not too bad just a hiccup in life I think I can cope.

Tucker the fairy eating dog.

Back to work and happily today I am painting some new small watercolors of thistles and flowers and fairies. Everything is just falling into place the colors the images even my little fairies looked like wonderful magical fairies. I was not sure if I could do fairies. I painted thistle fairies and coneflower fairies, field flowers and it flowed out onto the small pieces of rag paper I had cut for this project.  I was so excited and pleased looking at what I had accomplished. My coffee was cold and it was time to take a well deserved break.

Tucker always sleeps on a loveseat while I paint. Whenever I leave he is usually right next to me, secretly wishing I will take him for a ride or walk. Today he stayed behind. I thought maybe he did not hear me head down the stairs and put it out of my mind. Nuked my coffee and called Tucker. No dog. Strange so I went to investigate and there is Tucker swallowing the last fairy painting. My heart sank all my lovely fairies gone. I screamed Tucker ran and as he passed me running paws flying everywhere, he lets out one nice burp.

I don’t know why I found this amusing but I did. I started to chuckle and Tucker stopped and looked at me quite confused. I guess he thought I had finally gone nuts. I can honestly say no. What I did do is to find the humor in this challenging situation. In my head I could hear the words you can choose happiness you can choose peace or you can get mad. Getting mad at Tucker still would not have made the paintings reappear and he was only doing what dogs do, they eat paper. He knows he screwed up just from my first reaction and chances are good he probably will eat more paper again. I have to make sure I do my part and do not leave things where he might reach them.

Tomorrow I will try to paint some more fairies.


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