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New Fairy Woodland Setting for Woodland Fairy Houses

There is a process behind each custom woodland fairy house and settings. Imagination and the energy behind the thought is a marvel. To think this simple Woodland Fairy Setting started from a branch I found on the road. I dragged it home and I am sure my neighbors think I am quite mad. That is perfectly fine by me because my imagination has taken hold and I know something wonderful and magical is going to come forth. I wait for the wood to dry and then take care to cut off only what I need for the project or new creation to be born. I sliver and cut and shape the wood. As I work I see images and stories as I lose myself in my work. I feel my work is more meditative than physical. I feel charged with energy and that creative energy flows into my work. The fairies help by charging each piece with the positive energies of their natural world.

This is a Woodland Fairy Setting now available in LRStudio: Between the Weeds Shop at etsy.com and is a nice companion piece to my Fairy Houses.

Woodland Fairy Chair and Trinket Box

Woodland Fairy Chair and Trinket Box Woodland Fairy Chair and Trinket Box Woodland Fairy Chair and Trinket Box Woodland Fairy Chair and Trinket Box Woodland Fairy Chair and Trinket Box
A Woodland setting for a fairy with a trinket box sits upon a mound and just below is a perfect twig chair amidst the ferns and ivy. By the way any fairy will love this serene setting and you can use the trinket box for many things, earrings,rings, and baubles. Or a Tooth Fairy to come and collect your little ones tooth.
Everything is glued in place but the lid to the trinket box is removable. The bottom has cork buttons to protect furniture surfaces.Place the tooth in the trinket box and the next morning find it gone and a gift in its place.Measures:8″l x 4.5″d x 5″h. Weight: 9oz.If you are ordering outside the USA:
I ship everywhere please before you order ask for international shipping actual charge to your location. The price for shipping everywhere is only an estimate.

More Fairy Houses: http://www.etsy.com/shop/LRStudio?section_id=7684784
Shop: http://www.LRStudio.etsy.com

Something’s up @ LRStudio: Between the Weeds. Please tell me what you thought.


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