Gathering wood for fairy houses.

"Fairies' Banquet" (1859) by John An...

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I truly dislike wind. It always makes me feel anxious. In the midst of severe summer thunderstorms strong wind has been a daily occurrence. The blessing is the wind knocks down these wonderful lichen riddled limbs from the huge Beechwood and Oak trees. I often wonder what people might think about this crazy woman dragging these limbs home. In my mind they are precious gifts from Mother Earth Spirit and with every storm there is always a gift waiting for you. A rainbow, a cool breeze, the smell of crisp cleaned air, water to feed the plants and animals and my tree limbs. This morning I found a beautiful twisted branch that I am excited to work into a fairy house.

I have neglected my fairy friends and I am back working in the shop cutting and creating my woodland houses for fairies and magical beings. It is time to settle in and believe again. Stay tune to catch the first added to the shop at LRStudio


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