fairies, Laurie Rohner

Teaching a child.

Watercolor on Panel
Where the fairies live.

I guess the fairies in my life want me to show some of the little people (kids) in my world how to create fairy houses. Yesterday while Tuck and I were picking some honeysuckle up came a truck. It was my neighbor, an absolutely charming older couple. We chatted back and forth about what has gone on in our lives when my neighbor said her grandchild who was 8 years old has become very interested in drawing and has this wild imagination. She had told her grandchild how she knew a real artist and she lived right across the street. Wow a real artist I thought, me! Oops back to the story, I told them to bring her by and maybe I could dig up some things that she could work on. Then it hit me as if the fairies had smacked me on the back of the head why not show her how to create fairy houses. Yes what 8-year-old with an imagination hasn’t dreamed of fairies. I gave my neighbor a ring this morning and told her my idea. The next time she is up visiting with her grandma she will come and meet this real artist and actually get to play in her studio and make fairy houses. Oh grandma’s invited too.


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